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Originally Posted by indoorheli View Post
I never said the mcpx was patented... I said IMHO Hisky had too high of a price for something that is based on another design. If not the new design flys better than the old one.
Do most parts fit a mcpx? No, just a few.
Is it made to look like a mcpx? Most 3D helicopters look like this. Not much room for a different design.
Is the servo layout the same? No, the servo design is not the same. I the frame, landing gear The landin gear is not the same., swash, head and links the same? is a clone. The motors are stronger on the HiSky and the batteri is 50% larger. So not much of aclone.You basically say you use the same manufacturing places as the mcpx for parts then say it isnt a clone. For you to say it is not a clone and is an original design is hilarious.
It is a copy and shares parts with a mcpx, looks to be a decent copy but IMHO still too much for something that is copied

If your going to make a micro 100 and dont want it referred to as a clone, well then dont make a clone!

Hope you guys clone the 130x and sell it for a more reasonable price soon....

If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck then it must be a duck...
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