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Originally Posted by Roger Lombard View Post
The world has moved on and the market, like it or not, has changed...

We may be buying fools gold in that some of those components are not much more than rubbish and supply of spare parts may be iffy
Sad, but true.

Down here in New Zealand the market for GWS kits has dropped right off, and people are buying Chinese rtf models because they are less work and the prices are more attractive. However many of these models are badly engineered, have junk electronics, and require non-standard spare parts that are hard to get. People are attracted by the low price and quick assembly, but end up being frustrated by poor construction and performance, frequent component failures and difficulty of repair.

I have had the dubious pleasure of test flying and attempting to fix the problems in some of those cheap rtf offerings, and they were all pigs compared to my GWS models. Unfortunately due to the lack of demand for GWS kits, shops can no longer justify stocking them, and the few customers who do want them are being turned away.

There are a few GWS kits I still want to build, and I may also want to replace some of my old 'battle-worn' models. However I probably won't get the chance, even though I am currently working in a hobby shop that imports GWS products! The reason? "Why would we continue to stock GWS kits, when we had to discount prices below cost to move the last shipment?".

I believe there is still a market for kits that allow the customer the choice of customizing and installing their own quality gear etc., but with GWS apparently throwing in the towel and few other manufacturers offering anything similar, I suspect it won't be long before that choice is gone forever. Some people may eventually wake up and realize that 'the market' is not meeting their needs - but by that time it will be too late. Yes, the World has moved on - but where is it is moving to?
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