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5 coats of WBPU to the underside and 3 coats to the top..... and it is all ready to go. More on the underside to help fend off the foam rash it will pretty surely end up with!

I set it up with both Flaperons and Spoilerons, to see which method is best to slow down and shorten the long landing time it apparently has. I am pretty good at 'slowing down' fast planes, but I do see a possible issue with the Vampire seeing the booms are an exposed point to bear the brunt of high AoA landings (incoming with high AoA, or a final high AoA flare) - the tail would hit the ground first and then the boom to wing joint would eventually fracture (one day). So you would really want a "level" landing, not a high AoA one. Thus Flaperons would suit that better I would expect.

Even better would be some real flaps!! But I want to keep it a 'simple' plane.
If the landing process seen indicates that the landing speed/length is a problem then I will add them, as it would be pretty quick and easy to do anyway. An hour or two.
I sort of like the idea of having them, because this seems to be one plane actually truly worth having flaps on. Most foamies (eg P-51 etc) don't really need them at all, as they can land totally fine (slow and short enough) without them anyway.

So if I don't destroy it this weekend I will see what is worth doing during the next week. Cheater/s ? Flaps ? Move to retracts ?
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