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Servo installation.

Here are the pics on my servo installation. As you can see; they just barely fit vertically. If your servos are deeper you may have to scrap the tray entirely and move them forward a bit more or, in the worst possible case, mount them on their sides.

Some other things in no particular order:

Looking back through the thread I noticed that I forgot to mention the pushrods. Mine took a little work to get working. I ended up just using a fine cutting bit on the Dremel to contour the exits and then mounted the control horns in such a way that they pull away from the fuse. I also lubricated them with a little Vaseline. It's also important to support the servo end of said pushrods. I just used a small block of foam shoved back into the boom and some scrap wood which I, very messily, glued to the rear of the tray.

After realizing that the front of the wing saddle provides the strength I elected to use music wire for the front wing posts. This should provide all the strength I need and provides for a little fine adjustment. I also added some 1/32" ply for the wing bolts. I didn't like the supplied nylon bolts and, since I don't think I've ever had nylon bolts save a wing, replaced them with steel bolts. I wasn't happy with the way the back of the wing saddle fit so I cut a 1/16" notch in the trailing edge. I also hardened the entire area with CA.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I'll try to add details as I remember them.
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