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Originally Posted by dedmonwakin View Post
Alright, after reading your post a few minutes before leaving work and letting it sink in a bit. I figured I'd finally put this to rest. I'll give the U816 more of a chance and continue to try to develop this skill that is so different to the bigger quads. Maybe even straighten out this learning curve.

As soon as I got home, I popped in a battery and with in five minutes...I was done. It's not fun to fly....period.

I just refuse to believe it's because of the body/size so I finally made up my mind to install the V929 board NOW rather than wait for the replacement board and second V929.

I'm sorry to tell you.....If the V939 flies anything like this, I'm gonna have to get it despite me saying that I would not invest into another clone quad.

This is how it's supposed to fly!

Unfortunately, the mount I had to devise has raised the height, so now the canopy doesn't fit. Oh well, I'll make something for it or just remove the jst connectors and direct solder the wire.

The V929 board must have more output power. When I started her up, 2 of the blades zipped up and off the motor shaft, lol!

The board does weigh a bit more, but now that I'm confident that this V929 board will remain on this U816 body, I'll swap battery connectors so that I can use the U816 battery.

Flight response and controls are much improved. I flew the life of the v929 battery with only one crash, and that was to test the 60% setting (I can control the v929 in my living room at 60%, but it's too fast indoors for this mod.) Piro's are blinding for this little quad. At 20%, pirouettes are exactly as the U816 board settings, but at 40% and's insane.

Kind of wish I made a video of the before and afters...but honestly, I don't think a video would do it any justice.

Anyway, I figure I'll use the U816 board for an R/C 1/48 or 1/35 scale battle tank. Four motor outputs will come in handy for that.
Cool experimenting there Dedmon, I was going to put my spare Ladybird board on my V929 if the oven re-flow didn't work after I had crash-damaged the Beetle board.... It worked! so I never did get to install it and fly it with a LB RX.

Hmm. maybe it's more the rates and TX travel adjust of the E728 TX from the V929 that's making the largest differences.
The Ladybird's piro rate was s-l-o-w until I went into the Devo10 and changed Rudd "travel adjust" from stock 100% to max 150%. Turn speed and Piros were greatly improved, but it still flew sluggish... until someone mentioned Hirates... I had left my Elev and Aile on Low rates! Doh. I now have "travel adjust" for Elev + Aile set to 115% and Rudd @150% on my TX, and the Ladybird is very responsive!
Very nice you got your Udi 816 to fly better, Eesh... now I'm concerned about the stock TX that comes with the Pet.
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