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Excellent! I sure hope you like yours as much as I like mine. You might have to use a smaller prop than I do but I would think that the climb will be more than adequate. I ended up placing my receiver behind the servos and there's some extra room forward so balance shouldn't be hard to get right. I'll recheck my CG and post it.

The only reasons I went with the KDA are because I wanted a much more than adequate climb and was thinking of trying 2 cells with a much bigger prop. I haven't seen any need to go with the smaller battery. In fact, I'm going to pick up a couple bigger batteries so I can get longer flights when there's enough lift to carry them.

Lord knows there are plenty of horror stories about HK and Chinese products in general but I've had pretty good luck so far. It seems to me that QC is the big issue while design is fairly good (Usually their designs are flat-out stolen from other manufacturers.). The danger is that they ship a certain amount of defective parts but , if you get good ones, they work quite well. It's probably a good idea to check solder joints, screws, and glue joints to try and weed out anything that slipped through but I do that with just about any mechanical or electronic device.

Did I mention how I fit the HXT900 servos in the fuse? I cut out the front of the servo tray to slide them forward to where the fuse is a touch deeper and then ground off the outside corners of the servos with a sanding wheel. Then I just shimmed them and glued them in place. With the cheap servos, and figuring I won't be removing them unless they fail, I figure I can cut them out in pieces if I have to. I'll get a pic of the servos when I have light tomorrow.

Let me know if I can be of any help. There were a few spots where I had to sit and scratch my head a bit but this wasn't meant as a true build log so I didn't try to report every single one of them. There wasn't anything too traumatic. Just some places where the very minimal instruction sheet didn't help and a little work with the Dremel.
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