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I like to suggest for you to concentrate more on the pitch versus diameter.

You will not need more thrust, the gravity will take care of it for you....just use more down elevator.

Show them how the slacker nation does it.....I have my fingers crossed and pulling for you (everybody is) to see 230-240+ MPH.

The guy with the biggest balls will reach the most speed......You have the fastest Funjet ever coming out of a dive together with tail wind.

HOWEVER, you better wait till Sunday!!!!
Sunday, because it will have faster winds in your area....estimated at 16 MPH.

Don't listen to anyone else, none of them know what they are talking about and are jealous of your setup, they don't know anything, can not fly as good, can not build....and plain envious....yeah that is it, they are all envious....BIG TIME.


Now lets get real.

I think everyone was being civil and fair and at some point you got upset...maybe took something someone said wrong, read it wrong and all went downhill from there. One of your replies was pretty sharp (not in the good sense of the word).

Sebbe has the same setup, so if you think other folks have some other least Sebbe is in the clear. So when even he (with same setup as you) says is not to mess with you, or down play your accomplishments etc.
Yes, it was a great accomplishment, one to be proud of.

I thought people were "Honestly" complementing you regarding your comments of diving and tail wind in your posts.....all besides the fact that they likes seeing you go so fast. I did.

If they also suggest a level flight in opposite directions, you can say that you are not comfortable with that....that is the end of it as long as every "occasional" speed claim includes notation of diving and tail wind.

Feel free to count me as an A-hole if my previous interactions with you have been bad. Maybe I donít remember. I actually like you (not that it should matter or make a difference)....yes I did do some teasing on top part of this post.
I think if people were standing next to each other laughing and flying together and debating a little , not even 1/10 of arguments would happen like it does on internet threads.

With Peace and respect,

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