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Hi guys,

Thank you for the input, I value your opinions. This model is indeed going to be very challenging and yes a little over the top.

8 servos is alot, I have considered that it might be too much for the ESC. I thought I might be able to get away with it since not all servos will be in use at once. The ESC I have has a 3Amp UBEC which i believe is a switch mode. Given its like a $7 ESC I will find out if its enough with some trial and error.
Still the design is never final, can always eliminate some servos e.g. torque bar aileron system.

Noted comments regarding the battery size. I already have these batteries for my Nitro RC Car as my receiver pack. Looking to also get some 900mAh ones for the car so I will have some options here.

Smoking Beaver - You use a pull-pull mechanism for the tail rudder in your current build - do you think that would work for ailerons? I really like the idea of completely hidden mechanisms.

Picked a color scheme yet?
Not yet, still trying to figure out what version this FW190 really is or should be. The winter camouflage looks appealing tho'

Thats for phase 2 of the project when I have to do the rebuild
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