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Why the dirt on the wings?
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Originally Posted by markusvt View Post
Friends don't let friends embarrass themselves with 600watts, (or post data with a $39 GPS or a $99 "speedgun"), better to stay on the simulator. Please post some data of you guys following your own rules, till then, I am in the 215mph club, and you are not.......
Lets not get too carried away, eh markus ?
I have NEVER posted any data other than straight and level, and I have never posted any speeds unless it was a 2 way opposite direction pass that was dopplered by those 'round here and other threads. I dont post my own speeds untill someone else dopplers it and calls out the speed.

You certainly have made your point, now go make a good dopplerable video so we can all see what your machine will do with a level playing field, unless youre too scared ..??..??
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