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Originally Posted by MikeSRC View Post
Thanks James. Good to know. With wowhobbies and xheli both less than an hour's drive from me, Walkera stuff has always been convenient to buy. I just didn't like the constant parts purchases due to poor design and/or weakness. When they're up and flying, they're great though.
I totally understand what you are getting at. My V200D01's spent more time getting fixed than getting flown so I'm still skeptical when it comes to buying their new products..but my recent ones have been ok (the MCP then the QR Ladybird).
Will be reviewing the HotenX in a few days...hope it's as good as their other new products or else swapping out the proprietary motors and arms every time I crash would be a

@RaymondM, Well I have the V1 and it will not let you down. I suggest doing the Mini CP landing gear mod though because it'll protect your motors (and you can fit a larger battery for more flight time + offset the added weight). The V2 I haven't tried yet but I have one on order. The mini pet I'm getting from Aaron at Banggood this week so hopefully I'll have time to write a review or give first impressions at least. Other than the cost of the V1 though I'll recommend it in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how the V2 would fly as there are quite a few functions that are removed for cost saving I'd wait for a review on that one if you don't suffer from Imustbuyitnowitis (like I do :P)

@Brandigan, I couldn't agree more... was pretty frustrated at flying the quad as it was completely different in terms of flying characteristics and orientation...but after a while you get used to it and try new, more daring things with it. I've hit a cap though and haven't figured out anything new to do with my quads in a while...hmm...If I could only find the 808 camera here I'd mount it on my V929 or the HotenX that's arriving..but I can't seem to find it anywhere (you'd think they'd sell the thing in China, the country where everything is made...right?)
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