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For Sale
hug losi lot. SCTE, 8ight- 2.0, 8ight-t-e 2.0, 8ight 2.0

_Losi 8ight-E 2.0
-aluminum top plate, front and rear chassis brace
-de skid plate a mud protectors
_Losi 8ight-TE 2.0
_Losi SCTE 4x4
-TLR Tuning kit
-front and rear aluminum chassis brace STRC GUN METAL
-BCE Chassis
-8ight shocks
-center diff carbon fiber plate
-front and rear t-bone bumpers
-aluminum center diff mount STRC GUN METAL
_Losi 8ight 2.0
-O.S. .21 VG newly rebuilt with break in
-O.S. glow plugs 6,7,8
-temp guage
-clutch bells and springs
-extra pipe and parts
-pre-oiled air filters
-NIP nitro line
-starter box
-lipo rx pack
-custom wrapped fuel bottle
-voltage regultor
Tamiya TT-01
-Race Spec
-Motor Fan
-High Voltage Spektrum Servo
-3 sets of wheels and tires
-4 bodies Honda (2)nsx, Audi R8, Mercedes Benz
-extra motor
-Comes with specific batteries that fit in it Lipo 2s
Traxxas bandit
-brand new duratrax 3900kv motor system
-traxxas 2.4ghz radio
-newly painted hi-flow jconcepts body and wing
-j-concepts tires
-Losi 8ight-e battery tray
-Losi 8ight center outdrives
-Losi 8ight 5mm rod end set
-Losi 8ight suspension balls
-Losi 48p 21t pinion
-Losi 8ight rear gear box
-Losi 8ight #8 countersink washers
-Losi 8ight rear suspension arms
-Losi 8ight fornt suspension arms
-Losi 8ight F+R cv driveshafts (2)
-Losi 8ight front center cv driveshaft
-Losi 8ight center cv rebuild kit
-Losi 8ight rear center cv driveshaft
-Losi 8ight rear hub carrier aluminum
-Losi 8ight front spindle carrier aluminum
-Losi 8ight front spindle aluminum
-Losi SCTE rear hub carrier
-Losi SCTE e-clips 3mm
-Losi SCTE mod 1 spur gear 40t
-Losi SCTE front spindles and carriers
-Losi SCTE front and rear driveshafts (2)
-Losi SCTE front bumper missing shock tower part
-Losi SCTE center front driveshaft
-Losi SCTE center rear driveshaft
-Losi SCTE couplers
-LOSI/JAMMIN SCTE Titanium turnbuckle set
-Losi SCTE camber and steering balls
-Losi SCTE rod end set
-Losi SCTE front suspension arms
-Losi SCTE Front suspension arms
-Losi body clips (24)
-dubro body clip retainer kit
-blue Loctite
1/8 Parts (Related)and 4x4sc
-8ight buggy spring kits f+r
- tonys screw kit for SCTE
-Jconcepts Punisher body for losi 8ight 2.0 brand new
-Pro-line FLO-TEK SC brand new
-SCTE Shocks with aluminum caps and spring set and stock parts
-2 customed painted rc8 bodys (1 nitro, 1 electric)
-SCTE stock f+r body mounts(used)
-SCTE stock f+r shock towers (used)
-SCTE stock f+r chassis braces (used)
-SCTE stock diff plate (used)
-SCTE stock motor mount (used)
-SCTE stock rear hubs (used)
-SCTE hinge pin holders and covers (used)
-SCTE side guards (used)
-SCTE DE skid plate (used)
-SCTE f+r stock bumpers(used)
-SCTE f+r diff and gear boxes(new)
-8ight 2.0 a-arms (new)
-8ight f+r gear boxes and diffs with parts (used)
Upgrade vortex 1/8 wing black
Stock losi 8ight 1/8 wing white
Orange for raptor body with silver accents
Silver stock body
Battery and Charger (ELECTRONIC RELTATED)
-Tekin RX8/1900kv
-Brand new Tekin RX8/2000kv
-Tekin RX8/PRO-4 4600kv
-Tekin RX8 (needs service) on SCTE battery tray
-NIP spektrum ss6020
-NIP Spektrum ss6040
-Venom 2s 40c 5000mah
-(2) racers edge 2s 60c 6000mah
-Reedy 2s 60c 5500mah
-Reedy 4s 60c 5500mah
-Hi-Tec X4 charger used 2 times
-onyx 235 lipo charger
-glitch buster
-Fantom 3.5t fusion 2 550sc
-Deans female/male connectors
-y connector deans from 2 batteries to 1 esc
-4 sr300 receivers
-spektrum dx3c
-castle motor fan
-Shock oil associated (80,70,60,50)
-Shock oil Losi (100,90,50,45,40,35,30,27.5,25,22.5,20)
-Losi Diff oil
-(2) 3000k
-(2) 5000k
-(1) 7000k
Pit area stuff and random
Customed wrapped duratrax car stands green and blue
Duratrax pit mat
Blue aluminum spacers and 17mm nuts (14)
SCTE wheel nuts serrated (20)
Mod 1 pinions 11t,14t,15t,16t
Random body clips about 20
Tires (A SET IS 4 A PAIR IS 2)
-1/8 buggy
Set of Pro-line Blockade SOFT white PL wheels 90%
Set of AKA Grid Iron Super Soft yellow AKA wheels 40%
Set of AKA Gird Iron Soft yellow AKA wheels 100%
Set of Pro-line Hole Shot 100% white PL wheels
Set of Pro-line Tazer Soft NIP white PL wheels
sets NIP Jconceps Inverse wheels yellow
pair of jconceps hybrid SOFT NIP
PL suburbs MC yellow hb wheels 80%
Jconceps 3ds soft yellow jco wheels 90%
Duratrax persuaders white duratrax wheels 80% super soft
Jconceps hybrids med. 100% P-L wheels
Set of AKA foams
Set of pro-line crime fighter on yellow hb wheels 60%
2 set of panther med.t905 yellow panther wheels 40%
Step-up pro-line med. Yellow kyosho wheels 65%
Set of bald pro-line suburbs
-1/10 short course (all wheels are SCTE) If its not noted that they have wheels then they are just tires
Set of Pro-line hole shot super soft 75% rulux wheels
Pair AKA wishbone super soft 10%
Pair AKA wishbone soft 70%
Pair AKA enduros super soft 90%
Set AKA grid irons soft 90% on AKA wheels
Pair pro-line calibers 90% super soft
Set Pro-line suburbs MC 10% on losi wheels
Set Pro-line suburb NIP MC
Set pro-line tazer super soft 100% on white DE wheels
Set pro-line hole shot soft 100% on losi wheels
Set pro-line blockades soft 80% on yellow de wheels
-Im pretty flexable on prices DON’T LOW BALL ME
-wanting to sell it altogether $3500 shipped
-NO TRADES unless its some sweet snowmobile parts or top fuel dragster
Pictures are issue with this post just beucase there is so much stuff so if you want pictures then pm me your email adress
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