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How disappointing! I was hoping HK would put the manual in the files section before anyone actually received their unit, but apparently they did not. The header is obviously the last 2 triplets on the PCB; perhaps we could reverse the pinouts with a good upclose pic of the PCB, if anyone feels comfy opening theirs up?

I am curious if the factory FW is readable, and can't wait to see what talented programmers come up with. Right now it's just a black box FC with reverse switches and P gain pots, in what I assume is a standard airplane config. That should be fairly easy to figure out following general FC setup methods (check gyro and tx reverses, start with pots in the middle, and flight test/tune gains). In the long run, by price alone, I believe the Orange will do better than this one:

That one clearly has pads for a programmer, but not sure if anyone has done anything with it yet, and the orange is cheaper and I guess has a prettier package. Then again, I prefer Rolf's KK boards anyways; those are uber flexible and well supported, and cheap! This Orange might appeal to the non-DIY/PNP type modelers though (fills in the PNP market at a lower price point than the KK2). BTW, I added a link to the HK website on the OP; easier to check that it is once again, out of stock.

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