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Originally Posted by HobbyEurope View Post
First. It is not a clone.
Then all the "look-a-like" EPO and EPS Cubs and Cessnas made in China are clones too.
This is just a way to make this size and type of helicopter. Not a copy or clone.

The MCPX helicopter is not patented.
The MCPX is made from a number of plastic parts made by some Chinese factories and available for everybody. There are no patent or copyright on these plastic parts.

There is either no patent on brushed motors. Though HiSky uses more powerful motors than MCPX.

There is no patent on a circuit board made for a special purpose. Though HiSky is slightly different from others.

There has been claiming a patent on linear servos from a company in China.
Nine Eagles objected to this and upheld.
HiSky linear servos is not a copy of either of these servos. HiSky uses their own design and different materials.

So HiSky has pretty much succeeded to make their own design of a small helicopter like this with a performance close to a bigger size helicopter.
With the programmable TX it outperforms other similar size helicopters on the market so far.

And to HiSky's honor, they now make their helicopter compatible with other brands of radio systems by providing RF modules for other brands than their own system.

This will be a great advantage for those who want to use their own TX.

The HiSky helicopter will then be sold in two versions. One RTF version with either simple or programmable TX. Another version only with a selected RF module. The RF modules will also be sold separately.

HiSky will of course also continue to develop its existing products and continuously develop new ones. In the near future you will see that the small helicopters will outperform the larger ones. More quick and fast due to lower mass (weight) to move.

The development of advanced micro and mini 3D helicopters is just in the beginning yet.

When this new helicopter with spektrum reciver will be available? What price? Thanks and good job!
Will HiSky also make 4ch helicopter with spektrum receiver?
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