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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
5-10 milliohms per cell is still very good. Sometimes lipo cells just have crazy issues. But if a pack ever gives you flight anomalies i would discontinue use. What method are you using to check your internal resistance? I would start worrying when it gets above 10 per cell. If it goes above 20 it probably won't power your helicopter properly at all any longer.
IntegrityHndywrk; I'm using my i charger. It handles many tasks. The only thing it doesn't do is to give me safe numbers of IR, Like very good ,good ,poor, and throw it away. And yes your correct, I don't fly with a problem battery once I find out that something is wrong with it. The trouble is ,I had three batteries misbehaving at the same time. I'm thinking I may have let them sit for too long with a full charge on them while I was doing a repair job. They sat for approx. a month.
iCharger 208B battery charger
Main Features:

350W powerful battery charger.
20A maximum charge current, discharge and battery cycle modes.
Handels 1-8 cell LiPo, Li-Ion, and LiFe (A123), 1-18 cell lead-acid, as well as 1-25 cell NiMH and NiCd batteries.
Built-in balancer for up to 8 cell LiPo, Li-Ion, or LiFe (A123) batteries.
Foam cut and motor drive modes.
Battery internal resistance measurement.
Support firmware upgrade via USB port.
Battery charge and discharge
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