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Originally Posted by Akku71 View Post
The flashing LED means you have to show the Mag the world. you have to turn your octo , or the tower only around each axis in the time the led flashes. Away from all metall around you, like a chair a desk and such stuff. So the mag sensor can learn the earthmagnetfield. Its difficult to explain in english for me.
The cal mag button wants your inpuit after clicking it.
The cal acc wants to be alone and without movement if you click it.
Mag Calibration will require you to rotate the craft around EACH of the three dimensional axis. Flip it over a full 360 degrees to the left (or right), flip it over a full 360 degrees forward (or backwards), and finally rotate the craft 360 degrees in its place ("auf der Stelle"). This is difficult (but not impossible) if you are connected via a wire to the PC. I would recommend bluetooth, makes it a lot easier...

I attached a schematic for a rotation around the x-axis. You will also have to do y- and z-axis. And everything in 30 (or was it 20) sec.

Good Luck.
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