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Originally Posted by OldeMan View Post
So... Test 1 is complete:

Today, the humidity dropped to 20%... down from roughly 90% on the day I was having serious range problems. No changes to my plane or transmitter -- I just went back to the same field with the exact same setup. And... my plane flew fine! No sign of trouble at all. None.

Given my experiences so far... strengthened by today's test... I fully accept Doubletap's observation that 2.4GHz range can be diminished by humidity. No doubt, the effects will vary with specific Tx and Rx combinations and different spread-spectrum technologies(?)... but from now on, no more flying on post-rain days with my stock FMS ET800 radio gear.

My DSM2 compatible Rx has arrived... and I hope to install it this weekend. Then I wait for another post-rainy day so I can do test 2. I'm curious to see if it is affected as well.

Well there you go! There is nothing better than empirical data to corroborate and validate a theory. BTW, there is no reason to give up flying on a muggy day, just keep in mind the reduced reception range and keep the ship tight, that's all.
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