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Originally Posted by Swammy1979 View Post
20 flights and counting with this plane...

I really like it. The glitching concerns me, but I have just learned to keep the plane closer to me. The humidity suggestion may well hold weight, and I will have to test the theory out. For the buck, this is still a very excellent plane. Less than a hundred bucks for a beginner to get into the hobby with a decent plane. I am thoroughly impressed. I have difficulty doing rolls, but can easily fly inverted...which is exciting enough for my newbie self.

I did have to glue down the plastic pieces that secure the fiberglass rod, as my trainer noted severe dihedral (proper terminology?) after doing a loop. Easy fix, and haven't noticed a problem since! I think I am ready to have someone videotape me so I can upload it here.

For clean axial rolls, you need two things, 1) adequate speed entering roll, 2) lots of control throw on the ailerons. Since you are using the stock TX which is limited as it does not have lectronic functions like end point adjustment or selectable rates or exponential, but you can still maximize the mechanical travel with the ailerons by using the innermost hole on the aileron control horn, and use the outermost hole of the servo horn, you will have to recenter your ailerons once you have done this, but that will ensure that you have as much as aileron travel possible with the stock TX.
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