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Originally Posted by Levictus View Post
Thanks Vic...I think I would rather go lighter as this is the original size buil and not the upscaled version! But I will check out that battery. Much appreciated!
The specs I gave you is for the original size and build. It is a beefier setup but you won't be overtaxing the electronics.

Originally Posted by Levictus View Post
Just looked and it is out of stock...figures. So 65c would be ok to use? I know that is a total noob question...
Basically anything over 25C 3S pack will give enough amps for the amp draw of the motors. If you do the math, and guys please check my math, at wide-open-throttle (WOT) both motors will draw 40amps. At that draw a 2200mAh battery at 25C will be able to provide 55amps (25x2.2200mA =5500mA or 55amps) which is above the amps that the motors need at full throttle. A 65C pack will provide 143amps continuous (65x2.2=143amps). The difference is that a 65C battery will have a easier time providing the 40amps than a 25C battery because you're not near the battery's amp limit (or internal resistance) and the battery and all your electronics will run cooler.

The higher the C rating the lower the internal resistance and the more continuous amps the battery can provide (larger 'pipe' for electrons to flow), but they will be slightly bigger and heavier. So if you are willing to pay for the price in weight you'll get better and safer performance from you electronics. Hope this helps.

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