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Originally Posted by Harry D View Post
Thanks for the info, Wayne. I'm in the middle of doing those mods on mine right now but before I go any further, I have a question.

I have one of the earlier versions (board Rev A) which (of course) has a completely different layout to the current one shown. Would I be correct in assuming R22 and D1 have the same functions, and I just connect to those numbered components as described?

That is, the 19.3 ohm resistor in parallel with R22, and the external power positive lead to the cathode of D1, as they appear on my board?

I'm pretty sure that will be the case, but thought I should confirm. I'd hate to wreck one of my favorite and most-used tools.


Yes, you are correct in your assumptions. R22 is the same identity and value (220 ohms) and D2 is also unchanged in the newer version.

Although the unit accuracy will be subject to component tolerances on the low current range, you can get an approximate check by measuring a mid sze pack on both ranges. The low current reading should be one tenth of the normal full current reading.
Any errors will be swamped by the variations in the connectors that are used on these very small cells.

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