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Well technically this won't be my first EDF, a club member gave me a Diablo to mess around with, it was a lot of fun, docile once I got it in the air, though I had to run it WOT to get anywhere. Then when I thought I had hit LVC earlier than expected due to WOT, turns out the brushed motor died about 150 feet up and I glided it in safely. That club member and I are taking the Diablo brushless as a result.

Anyway, another flying buddy has an HK/HobbyLobby stinger and loves it. Tempted to get one but don't really want to copycat my buddy

Hobbypeople has the Phase 3 F-16 on sale this month for a really good price. Have read oblique references that it's a sweetheart to learn on for a while and am really temped to jump on it. I also know I can hop it up hugely afterwards, though that's less of an issue for me.

Have also seen that the Hobby Lobby panther is considered well behaved, almost bought one used from a guy at an event this summer.

Also interested in an A-10, research says the HC Hobby one available from is likely the best bet for me since I fly off close-cropped grass and would like any A-10 I buy not to require handlaunch. Don't mind handlaunching the other potential options but the A-10 I'd like to ROG and I know A-10 retracts and grass don't mix well.

Any tips between these models? I fly a PZ Wildcat and T-28, as well as a little messing around with an EPP Yak and the micro 3d Beast.

edit: oh and have a proper radio, DX6i and Dx7s.
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