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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
LOL, i figure i suck with numbers and math. One of the problems though is unknown variables and also changing ones, like the servos. I try not to think about it too horribly much. But we are really just wasting our time with this thing is what i figure More than once in this hobby i have followed numbers and supposed proven theory, just to find out... Everyone was wrong, had they just tried the damn thing, instead of speculate someone might have discovered that everyone was figuring wrong! All because somewhere along the lines a butterfly farted in japan and it caused a chain reaction that threw off someone's measuring equipment by 1/3 of a nanofart and screwed everything up.
Actually my interest in these equations is to keep it simple and just use them as a reference point. I don't expect them to be the "solution to all problems" or the "tell all" but to give me a ballpark idea of what it might feel like before I buy.
Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
There is this pack too, but this one might be too tall vs too long:
I never figured out the max height for a battery that will fit... hard to say. You can use the Duratrax battery for a reference point (its a tight fit under the canopy with the tray mod). That battery is 17mm tall. 31mm wide. 90mm long.

I have to find out how many amps the stock motor is drawing with this new pack tomorrow. I am liking this Duratrax Onyx lipo. Especially it has more oomph. It fits. I can have it shipped from a US warehouse. The price is $14. I like it all around.

Getting an Align 450 with DFC head pretty soon here. Shat... the regular FBL head costs more than the DFC head. What the hell is with that?
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