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Originally Posted by Jwmflying14 View Post
Hey guys. Just curious how the 3gy is holding up? I used to be huge into 3D heli's until I got side tracked, ended up selling most of what was usable on my 450. I flew the pants off of it for a year with Align 3gx.

Well now I have that itch again, But really dont want to spend another $600+ on a fully built up Align 450 3gx.

My passed experience with clones is less than adequate. the HK stuff was junk.

However I ran across ALZRC and it looks like decent quality. Saw one in person and was very impressed for it being a clone! That being said a knock off for ~$300 looks pretty damn good, if it holds up even 90% as well as my align. How does the 3GY hold up? IS it a decent gyro when compared to 3GX etc?

Thanks guys! really trying to scratch that itch!
Personal experience with ALZRC is that it's not as good as Tarot. At least the plastic 450 Sport bottom plates I bought weren't as good as the Tarot ones (plastic is more flexible, lacks the zip tie holes at the front) and the pack of main shafts were very slightly off true (Tarot shafts are perfect and I have no reservations about using them). I like ALZRC's stainless steel feathering shafts. I can't tell you about their CNC parts though.
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