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Originally Posted by Sculptor View Post
The Eagle A3 pro I did not want because it requires three tx and rx channels for the 3 'gain' wires to adjust the pots from the tx. The last thing I want is to have to keep 3 pots adjusted to the exact position on the tx and have 3 different set-ups for my 3 planes, no. the A3 manual gain only works for my intent, set em and forget em.

No I didn't fly it yet. I glide flew it, no power and found I had it set-up on CG 62mm and because mine is a V1 it is to be set-up on 72mm CG. Now it glides nice.

+1. I still have no idea why that is that way. I have a V1 and a V2. The V2 flies best at 62mm and the V1 flies best at 72mm. If I move the CG to 60mm on the V2 it flies so nose heavy that it literally falls out of the sky on a 90 degree bank and it flies like a tank. The only difference I can see (and measure) between the two is the distance from the front (or back, if you wish) of the servos. And that is not enough to make any huge difference. So, for aerodynamic purposes, the fuselages and wings and empennages appear identical. Yet, the CG is so different. Even with that, on page #1, I left the recommendation at 60mm for all versions. Do you have a V2 also?
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