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Originally Posted by dbc View Post
I've been following this issue closely as I'm using the supplied tx/rx for this plane and a second set of identical ones supplied with the FMS 40" Cessna 182.

I've flown both of the planes to the very limit of my visibility, both at high and low altitudes and had nary a glitch or dropout. Maybe I've just been lucky. I am in a rural setting, however with no nearby radio towers or other known interference.

I've got other, better quality radio components I could install but, so far, don't see the need to. The mini Tx feels odd at first but soon feels natural enough.
Originally Posted by Doubletap View Post
Keep in mind that one of 2.4 Ghz limitations is water/moisture absorbs the signal, it's possible that when you are pushing the limits of the reception envelope in extreme humidity or under rainy or foggy conditions, you could experience dropouts/reception loss.
My experience with the stock Tx/Rx is best described as "mixed": My earliest flight days went fine, but a later day suddenly showed up serious Tx/Rx problems... bad lags and twitchy response at about 1/2 field. So that evening I rearranged the Rx/antenna... and was thrilled to find, on next outing (days later), that all issues were gone... and they were gone for a couple of weeks. This last weekend, however, all symptoms reappeared... with Rx and antenna in their new location. (These experiences are all on separate *days*... i.e. I haven't seen a change in this behavior "within a single outing".)

There is one possible common-thread in my experiences so far... and Doubletap strengthens my suspicion: This past weekend, my field was soaking wet (standing water in scattered pools after a lengthy rain) and the humidity was horrible... I felt drenched just standing there. I'm struggling to remember if my first couple of troubled-flights were similarly humid? I have been in that field before, with this plane, on similar post-rain/standing-water days... I just can't remember for certain if that coincided with my earlier Tx/Rx issues. Quite possible.

One possible counter-point, though: My son was out with me, on my earlier trouble-day... with his stock 2.4GHz gear for a Dynam Hawk Sky... and he had no bad symptoms at all. So the "humidity" suspicion can't be applied to all 2.4GHz gear.

So, the way I see it: Two tests are in order...

1) I haven't changed anything, in my setup, since my most recent "bad day". I'll head out when the park is dry and humidity is low to see if my Tx/Rx issues have magically cured themselves.

2) I've ordered DSM2 compatible Rx+satellite (expected arrival yesterday). On our next post-rain/humid day... I'll make a point of going out to test both systems.

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