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Thew Vampire does not have enough inlet ducting airflow to get full power from a fan. Even the stock fan on only 4S. And will be even worse on a CS10 using 5S.
People generally cut open the underneath existing "gills" into larger openings, to get more airflow capability.
I don't like that idea too much.....

For a landing gear version, it means more FOD chances. Plus could (should?) affect flight in some speed/power situations, like causing "ballooning" (or the opposite). Though no one really says that happens to them... so maybe it doesn't happen.

I will test the thrust in its stock form - which for sure will be stunted due to the poor ducting. And my first preference, to solve the airflow problem, is to add "Cheater Doors" to the TOP of the Vampire. Where there are two 'panels' marked out already.
You just cut those out and make plastic 'doors' for them instead, hinged with modified control surface hinges that are spring loaded. This means they remain closed UNLESS the EDF needs more air and it will drag them open more - the springs are WEAK, so the doors open with almost zero resistance. But it is enough that they close fully when the plane is stationary, or anytime it doesn't need more air than the stock ducting path can feed it.

At worst, they can be replaced and not used.....

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