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I epoxied the wings on, even though I had read the manual and it said to do the servo wiring FIRST.
I actually forgot... DOH!!
But it didn't matter because the servo wires need lengthening anyway (all three sets) so you could easily feed the 'blank' extension wiring end out through the holes anyway seeing they have no connector on them yet.

I soldered and heat-shrunk the joins and they still fit into the wire slots fine.

The servos are a tight fit into the servo bays even when just pressed in, but you stlll need to glue them. So I used a drop of CA on 4 points they touch the foam on the servo SIDES... not under. This allows you to use a knife to cut the glue joins and easily get a servo out again.

The wiring is all covered with strips of plain old celophane tape, which will allow painting over it so you can match up and cover the wiring slots. IF you want to do that. I mights... or might not (paint it).
But it will be WBPU'ed totally, so using the tape is still good for that.

The battery bay pic is just before adding the velcro strips to the baseplate. They hold the battery some amount, but are really to prevent it moving fore/aft or sideways. The strap is the real "clamp" of the battery, which the velcro underneath also works with to make for a rock solid battery hold.
The RX and separate SBEC will each mount to on one side of the nose area, where it has a step and thus good space to have those. RX to the nose left side, SBEC to the nose right side.

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