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Contest Results July 28
by Scott Hinckley

Sorry for the late reply. Allan asked if I would write a little something about the contest.

The wind on Saturday was projected to be 6-8mph. It was more like 12-15mph for most of the contest. In the past, this might have canceled the contest, but this time the contestants just wanted to fly, so the wind problem was really not discussed. There were several other potential contestants who elected not to fly because of the conditions and the airplanes they had. Allan McKay was the CD for this contest.
So how do you fly a thermal duration contest in a strong wind? Nose into the wind, tack back and forth trying to get some wave lift or quick thermal lift.
You would think that the very efficient molded gliders with ballast installed would have an advantage in these conditions, but this time the mighty Sailaire (5.5 oz. wing loading) of Allan McKay reigned supreme. He maxed the first round, actually going over the 5 minute flight time by 11 seconds. There were other good flights, but no one could make up for that first deficit. Mike Gibson was the landing king this time around. And by the way, Mike is looking (relatively) spritely with his new knee.
Though the rounds were scheduled to be 5-7-9 minutes, by looking at the scores you would think they were more like 3-3-3 minutes; tough conditions.
No airplane damage, though Ron hit a tree and landed on the asphalt, causing his elevator linkage to disconnect. He will have to cut into the tail to get it reconnected. Fortunately he brought another airplane which ended up flying better than his first.
The scores are shown attached. Flight times were 5, 7, and 9 minutes and scored on 1 point per second up to the max, then 1 point per second was subtracted for going over the time. Landings were on a 25 foot diameter tape and worth 100 points.
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