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Originally Posted by Razzil View Post
It all depends on how the forum is monitored imo. Have you thought of hosting you're own? Idiots are going to be idiots where ever they are. I find this forum easier to navigate, but like the majority ... I'll go where ever the support is, so it doesn't really matter to me.

When purchasing a PRO, GPS or Gimbal board ... you get a user account. The idiots know who they are .. and if they've been warned.. No 2nd chance ... you're gone. Only accept memberships to the forum based on purchases.
Hi Razzil,

I'm pretty involved in monitoring MRF and we try to keep everyone on the happy vibe. our moderators try to get involved when threads get tense and so far we've been successful. I can make Al or someone Al chooses a moderator for the HF forums if that would help you guys out.

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