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Originally Posted by NEAGRON View Post
Hi Ralph,my KK2 controller has lost all the progames on the screen,it lights up but no menu,any idea's,please,your's,Marty.
Seems like there's a few of us having this problem now. Perhaps there is a reliability issue with this board that is starting to show up. Three reports, and maybe more (I can't recall), I think, is a lot for this thread alone. There has to be other users who are not active on RCG who also have this issue.

I did crash my quad so I'm not all that upset about it, and plus it's not an expensive board. But man, my good old 5.5 blackboard survived much, MUCH worse crashes. It's to be expected, I guess, with the on board LCD, that the KK2 will not be as rugged as the previous KK versions. It does strike as being quite easy to break, though, but maybe I was just unlucky.

Anyways, KK suggested I test the voltage on some test pads on the board, but he did not say why, or what voltage I'm supposed to read. I tested and reported my findings in this thread. Still waiting for him to shed some light on this when he gets a chance.

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