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In all honesty, I'd be more impressed if there was a singular standard test from EVERY battery mfg. used to judge the performance data. We all know, or at least should know, not every pack will deliver as advertised. However, the consumer should have some expectaion that there would at least be a 98% compliance with advertised rating and longevity rating from the mfg. Anything else is just a lie!

As an example, a 65c discharge rating from 1 mfg. may not be the same as another. Is the 65c good for 30 seconds or 5 minutes? Is an 8c charge good for 3 times or 100 times? There are just to many variables from the mfgs. that remain inconsistent and therein remains the problem from my perspective. Until the people in this hobby start DEMANDING a valuation of testing to a certain standard, then everything is nothing more then a given opinion by the user or mfg.

As long as I'm on my high horse and preaching, this hobby needs a singular standard for balancing taps. I know there's a plethorea of money to made by the mfgs. for differences in taps but it costs every one of us for this dog & pony show to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and this needs to be stopped! Devleop a standard and stick with it. 1 balance tap for EVERY pack. How simple would that be?

I'll save my disgust for mandatory registration to buy from any vendor to my blog.

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