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I had these same intermittent problems with my ET again today. Badly. Just as the poster describes ... "twitchy" responses... anxious time lags... etc. I thought I had already cured these symptoms by rearranging the RX and antenna. In fact, I had quite a few flights without any problems. But, today,they came back with a vengeance. No idea why. I tinkered with RX and antenna placement for a while. Swapped various batteries. No change. (Super humid today ... humidity? Near a firehouse with cell tower... interference? I dunno.)
I'm switching RX to a DSM2 compatible when it arrives on Monday. Hopefully that'll put an end to this.[/QUOTE]

I've been following this issue closely as I'm using the supplied tx/rx for this plane and a second set of identical ones supplied with the FMS 40" Cessna 182.

I've flown both of the planes to the very limit of my visibility, both at high and low altitudes and had nary a glitch or dropout. Maybe I've just been lucky. I am in a rural setting, however with no nearby radio towers or other known interference.

I've got other, better quality radio components I could install but, so far, don't see the need to. The mini Tx feels odd at first but soon feels natural enough.
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