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I also bought one of these and its a great little heli. I also have the SoloPro 3D which I found was very twitchy and didnt enjoy flying. This FBL100 is a joy to fly and a great into flybarless helis at a great price.I'm using it as practice for the HK450Pro 3D Im currently building. The radio cant be programmed but it feels nice and does all the basics right out of the box. I've ordered extra batteries as the 2 supplied just arent enough for me. The AC plug pack runs 110 to 240V so I just used an adapter to fit the local 240V socket.

One of my flying buddies has the Blade mCpx and they are identical.but still mechanically different. The FBL100 is obviously a redesigned mCpx. The FBL100 has a square tail boom while the mCpx's is round, the mechanical shape of the boom mount is different, the tail fin is different, the body is different, the swash plate on the FBL100 is heavier with larger ball joints and the landing gear is lighter and thinner than the mCpx. The FBL100 also has a unique 'curved' shape to the tail blade.
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