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Rayne,im using a 2206 1500kv outrunner,12amp esc,dura thrust 8x4.3 prop,3s 370mah nanotech pack. I'll do some more tree trimming when i can .

Maxxnut,i'll get some pics posted later when i have time,cut out 4 planes this week and have flown 3 plus the slicko and some other stuff so been busy. I'll be flying the 2205 outrunner next week,i do have larger 3s packs as well that should have slightly more punch and ofcourse longer flight times but the 370 packs are only a few grams heavier and slightly taller than the 2s packs i run so they fit in the same cut out as 2s 440-460 packs(just slightly more snug and balance isnt affected much).

3flyguy3,i run 50% expo on high rates usually(45 degree plus throws) and 25-30% expo on low rates,usually 30 degrees throws or what looks about right. High rates should be set for about 45 degrees of surface throw on most 3d foamies,expo amount used is a personal preference,some may use more or less than i do with the same high rate throws. To much expo makes a plane feel mushy in the air.. less precise and not as quick to respond.. to little expo on high rates and a plane is overly sensitive to small stick movements and very twitchy in the air. Ideally most will want a plane to be gentle and smooth to small imputs yet quick and responsive when full stick movements are applied. Low rates are a gentle comfy zone.. still enough throw for loops and rolls and aerobatic type flying but a bit more relaxing on the sticks for the pilot and usually a safe zone for those new to 3d planes that have flown sport flyers etc and are not quite use to having 45 degree throws and massive pitch,roll and yaw authority in a plane. Hope that helps.
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