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Update - More pictures

A bit of an update -

Wing/boom joiners
Progress has been slow - mainly due to the fact I am completely unable to find 16mm ID tubes for the boxes. I have settled with larger pipe and used duct tape to add 1mm around the alloy booms, when the c/f booms arrive I will probably have to do the same thing. they are now dry and test fitted in place.

I am going to cover the wing as per BMatthews advice with lightweight paper and varnish, I am reluctant to fly her until I have done this. I am not sure how to join the center section to the fuse, I may glue it in place. I wanted to keep this modular so i could replace parts easily, but I think for this initial example, I will need to glue it in place. I will be adding nav lights in the wing tips, along with gps, telemetry and video rx. So i am going to lay some ducting in the underside of the wing to make cable insertion easier.

The fuse is fairly week towards the rear section, the top of the wing is near the top of the fuse so no room for any plywood. so i think glueing the center section in is my only option. The nose is shaped, needs a bit of sanding and filling before its finished.

The tail has not been started yet, now i know the exact distance between the booms I can make a start. I know a lot of people go for the traditional T tail or h tail, but i really want an inverted V, so am going to go with that, and possibly add a small vertical fin on top for initial flights to ensure good yaw performance.

The current AUW including 10ah batteries is 3.23kg. this does not include camers, vtx, esc, ubec, lighting, wiring, wheels, front nose assmbly, tail, wing covering. So i can expect it to go up a bit more, If I can keep it below 5kg I will be happy.

I am still undecided on the electric motor,I think a 14 x 7 / 14 x 8 is the prop size needed for this. id like to get one on order whilst I am still building the airframe.
Unfortunately its looking like i am going to need to buy soem 5s + lipos to power this thing, If anyone can suggest a motor that can use a 3s id like to know!

Next steps - glue wing joiners together, build fastrner mechanisms for attaching wings, and attaching booms...
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