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Originally Posted by BMatthews View Post
Richie, kraft paper is far thicker than you need. It's more like heavy butcher's paper. All you need to get a good skin on the foam is newsprint.

It's often sold by places that sell packing supplies. It's sold in big sheets or rolls to use for packing china, glass and other fragile items. Oddly enough it's also the same stuff used for newspapers. Hence the "newsprint" name. But when you by it as newspapers it comes "pre printed" Anyway I only offer this last bit of whimsy to let you know the sort of paper you're looking for. It's not at all the same as "kraft" paper.

The varnish you provided the link for is the solvent based stuff. Instead you want the "water based" option. Go back up one level at that web site and select the water based option.

You want to use the water based "emulsion" varnish as it'll soak into and bond with the water soaked newsprint far better.

Keep in mind that the proper procedure is to paint one area with the water based poly urethane (WBPU) then slap on the damp newsprint and brush it down well. Then quickly do the opposite side. You want the two sides to dry at more or less the same time. So haste is needed. If you mess about the one side will begin drying and shrinking and the other side won't be able to catch up and keep the foam wings straight. But done quickly and then hung so both sides have a free flow of air and all will be well.

Once the paper is down and dryed for a good 24 hours you can lightly sand off any fuzz or lumps then put on another coat of the WBPU. And then some colour spray if you so wish.
Cheers for the input - I haven't bought the varnish yet - I will ensure to get the water based emulsion varnish - I will have to do this before maiden, as there is some twist in the wings.

Update to follow...
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