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Originally Posted by jrtubb View Post
Now that I have the flap elevator compensation correct, I set up crow tonight. I noticed that with Mix1 I could also get reflex on just ailerons if I set rate D to +32 on the Flap switch. Any idea if this is a good idea or will work?
Sorry if i missed it, but which radio you using? I used to do that when i used my DX6i.

If you make that integer a -32 your Ail's well(should) go down for camber Also! On that Mix1 page,at the bottom left you'll see a SW this is where you can asign any of the switchs to that paticular mix. If you are using a DX6i!!?

I used to have my Elev D/r switch selected, seeing its next to the flap i could just hit the elev d/r switch for simi camber(just ail down) or simi relfex(just the AIL up) But if i wanted crow, set it to AIL up and flip both switchs at the same time.
Less is more!! the thickness of the trailing edge down/up is a good stating point for camber/reflex.

Also on the D.R combi page i set my high and low rates to the AIl D/R switch so all main switches were on the front of the TX

I like it so much i assigned it the same way on my 7s.

It is effective, remember less is more. My last few flights I've been really working refining the camber and relfex! Reflex makes her want to lose Alt so i mixed in 15% up Elev, which was way to much. So i toned it down to 10%.
Was getting to dark to see her so ill test it today!

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