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Certainly give 4S a try, and if you can, drop Kv too. I tried both Avroto 770 Kv and the RC Tiger 900 Kv at 3S and it just did no fly the way I wanted (with both MultiWii and CopterControl board). I went to 3900 mAh ThunderPower 4S with the Avroto motors and GemFan 11x4.7 carbon-filled props and flights are really nice now. I'm using the Quadrino rev 1E board with MultiWii 2.1. Note that my build is a bit on the heavy side (see details in earlier post), but I'm okay with that. I was flying in some breezy conditions earlier in the week and stability was very good.


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Got her airborne but I definitely need to switch to 4s if I keep these t-motor 900kv .... wayyy underpowered on 3s.

Still need to dial in the Naza but that won't happen until I get everything else sorted.

Liking the frame but wish the arms weren't as flexy. Also noticed that one of my legs doesn't sit as flat as the other 3. Rebuilt it twice and it didn't help. Not cool...

Anyway - most of my vibe issues are sorted. My video is pretty darn stable. No complaints there.

Looking forward to tweaking it and getting things straightened out!
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