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Oly II woes (not the design's fault!)

Well, it finally happened. After MANY years, I finally launched a glider with the transmitter off. That was last year. It was quite sad. I managed to pick up another one at our auction in the fall. Have been having fun with it, but today I launched a bit too hard, for another first. I don't think I'd ever unintentionally broken a wood glider on the winch. (I've broken a composite glider with a carbon spar that way, but that's another story.)

I'm used to the wing rod bending before the rest of the structure fails, since it's only 7/32 inch diameter. This one was only barely bent, but the joiner box broke. A post mortem revealed that some of the epoxy was not bonded to wood. So be careful about surface prep and all that stuff when you're doing joiners.

This should teach me to build my own stuff more often, or else at least fly stuff that's newer. Sigh. Meanwhile, it joins the large pile of repairables.

Consoled myself with some dlg flying just in advance of an impressive thunderstorm. Lots of fun for a few minutes. Surrounded by very tall metal lightposts, so not quite as nuts as it sounds. Or at least not as risky for me. One of these days I may hit a lightpost with a model. Not yet, though.
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