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Originally Posted by Vantasstic View Post
Do you have an ohm meter? If so, touch the leads between any two + and - pads. If you have ~0 ohms then you have a direct short somewhere in the board. If you are reading in the Mohm range then you should be good.

Last thing...I don't like exposed pads like this. If anything conductive gets on them you're looking for a serious short to happen. I put hot glue over my pads (used or unused) to insulate them. The hot glue will peel up pretty easy if you need to resolder/add a wire.
Got a multimeter and more hot glue today. Ohm meter shows that the board's fine, except for when I test the positive battery lead that's had its connection popped like a fuse. Touching the copper that's still connected to the rest of the board however shows that's fine as well. So the board's good, the intended positive battery lead has just been isolated.

I'll move the positive battery lead to another positive pad then hot glue all the soldered connections tonight, and that should do it.
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