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Yeah, my wife pretty much expects me out in the garage most the time, lol...

Well, I went for another flight! Mission #6 (don't worry folks, I will stop posting every single flight after #10 unless there's some significance...) was another great flight. Hand toss was a bit more wobbly than I wanted but I think it's because I'm experimenting trying to toss by standing still. I have better success when I take a few small running steps and then launch.

Even still, as long as I don't slip on the stick while I'm tossing her and force her in a really bad situation, it appears that the old "Keystone Cop" hand launches are in the rear view mirror. I wish I would have figured everything out five or six air frames ago! Oh well, better late than never they say.

I was WOT about 95% of the 3:55 flight and the battery was hotter than before. Still, no puffing at all. Landed dead stick from about 25 feet up...Giving her just a tiny bit of down stick the whole way and she lands without incident. Starting to feel routine now.

The key, which I wish I really grasped in the past:

NEVER FLARE. Fly her all the way to the ground whether with power or not with the nose forward. (if not, you better have that down stick working).
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