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Originally Posted by whowhatwhere View Post
You can't combine orders from the different warehouses, and buying multiple items to justify the shipping fees does not work....the fees ramp up as items are added.......

Hard to beat a 2$ shipping fee...unless it's free.
In my opinion, for my own orders, I still can definitely justify HobbyKing's shipping fee, and if you read the link in my previous post ( I think it will give you some good insight too. Also, this post may help as well: My goal is not to make you agree with me. If you have the money, save the time and buy from your other sites. They are all good. If you read my above posts though, I believe you will at least see why I, and others like me, like HobbyKing.

Also, the fact that shipping fees correspondingly increase with larger orders is, to me, a good thing because look at this positive aspect: low-weight items have shipping as low as $2.99, drastically saving you money. For example: from the website you referenced above, 1 JST connector is $0.95 ( Add shipping and you get $11.50 for 10 of them (assuming you use these all the time and want 10.). However, from Hobbyking, a pack of 10 costs $1.48. Add $3 shipping and you get 10 of them for $4.48. For me, that savings of $7.02 is worth it. This is just one example, but I still find great savings with them.

Again, here is another price example, including an item with $36.54 shipping from HobbyKing, where you still spend about 1/2 as much on HobbyKing's website (even WITH their high shipping) for a comparable item, than elsewhere:

I personally don't mind waiting weeks for shipping and having to have the expertise to deal with a few minor flaws in a plane here and there. If you or others have the extra money, and want the better customer service, by all means don't order from HobbyKing. All I'm saying is that myself, and many kids I help get into RC, don't have the money, so we deal with the slow shipping (and other inconveniences, annoyances, poor customer service, or whathaveyou) and save the bucks$$.

To each his own. I am only presenting one perspective, and I am not saying my opinion is better than anyone else's, but it works for me. I appreciate other perspectives, views, and pocket-book sizes, because it keeps the RC market competitive, growing, and strong, and allows for local hobby shops to exist, which is essential I think to keeping this hobby alive and available!

There are three things in balance in virtually all purchases in life. They are 1) Price, 2) Quality, 3) Time (or Service, ex: Customer Service). Choose any 2 of those 3, or balance them as you personally see fit.

Thanks for reading.
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