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Thanks for the info hawk........I believe you are right about the 11 x 5.5 drawing too many amps. I am going to hook up my amp meter today and see what I am pulling. I buttoned everything up on the plane yesterday and did a full power run-up........was danged scary. I don't remember ever having a motor sound like this...........WOW! I am using a GensAce 5300mah 6s packs and they do really good so far......on the run up the battery was only warm. I use these same GenAce packs on my large scale EDF Hawk so they work on both planes. I fly mostly EDF but since I had this motor sitting round decided to mount it in a small Revolver I had on hand. By the way I am using a 99 Amp controller and it handled the run-up so I must be pulling amps around 100Amps or so as there is usually a little head-room on the controllers. I might need to change out the controller to a 125Amp setup.

I have some 10 inch props of different pitch I will try today...first flight on Monday.

I tried to figure this motor/prop setup on MotoCal and came up with nothing which would work. All I know is this motor spins up the 11 x 5.5 like crazy...........this plane might out run my Hawk.

It is funny as I draw high amps on my EDF planes all the time.....just a fact of flying EDF. It just seems weird pulling high amps on a prop plane. Most of my flying on prop has been pattern/sport high speed flying.
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