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Originally Posted by klique View Post
With the differant planform layout of the X8 compared to the ZII and the foamaro the X8 is not somthing you would even attemp 80 % of the type of flying we do with the ZII.
i have never claimed otherwise. In fact, I've told quite a few people
that they're different planes for different tasks, including in this thread.
Some people think the X8 is a plane that can zoom up and down
steep mountain-sides. It is not. They'll learn.

Seing you comparing these on a regular basis is getting old, compare apples to apples please.
I never started the comparison, now or in the past. This time we were talking about winglet
shape, and whether it has an effect on yaw and roll stability. ggtronic brought the ZII into this
thread because he thinks that putting ZII style winglets on an X8 will steady it on the
roll axis. I do not. But I am curious if it'll have a negative or positive
effect on yaw stability. I'm not convinced that the X8 is yaw stable
only because of sweep. I think the airfoil shaped winglets may help.
Guess we'll find out when ggtronic changes em.

And yes, I'm well aware of what the Zephyr can do and I do not consider it
a direct competitor to the X8 *at all*. If you're reading that into what I've
said, then you're simply reading me wrong. I haven't completed mine
because I'm too lazy to cram the gear in the wing, and that's about it.
Same reason I'm not flying any other pure flying wing for FPV.
That and I like having a pannable flight camera with unobstructed side view.

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