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Well I got mine a few days ago and only took it out on one flight so far. I am a straight up rookie when it comes to flying. I've flown a few times before with moderate luck, and I am all right in the sim.

First impression. With the battery in the spot the instructions call for and the CG at 70 mm. I't nose dived 2 times on take off. So I put the battery between the servo's and while it still dives a bit I can get it off the ground. Next problem is the erratic behavoir of the flight controls. I was having problems with it not responding well to the controls. Like it would start to bank and I would give it full opposite ailerons and it wouldn't respond or very slowly. Or the next time it would be two twitchy.

I moved the linkages to max throw on the surface horns and it helped a bit but was still erratic.

Any tips on the CG or flight controls
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