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Latest Flight Report...

WOW -- 110 people have read this thread and only 3 have entered messages -- to bad

Well, for those of you that are interested, here's the latest entry...

Today I took the Dragonette to Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore, CA. They have a canyon that works with roughly west winds. The wind was barely working today, but it was perfect for a Mosquito class HLG ;-)

I managed to keep the Dragonette flying when most of the Zagis, and other flying wings that are regulars at that site, were grounded. One of the flyers on hand today is a gentleman that is the president of the local soaring club. His own HLG was a bit too heavy and he had a frown on his face. I let him fly the little Dragonette for about 20 minutes and I saw his smile return when he brought it back to me ;-)

I used a small Nmhd 100 mah pack and today was the first time that I ran it dry. I noticed that control input would make the surfaces travel in a really jerky fashion. I checked the pack with my meter and noticed that it was way at the bottom of the red zone (about 4v). That was the end of the day for the Dragonette.

All of that being said, I got about two hours of good flying while my Schweizer 1-26 2-meter was grounded. I was amazed in that on this type of day, the only thing I could fly before, was my Push-E Cat electric.

I highly recommend the Dragonette Micro HLG for anyone that wants a saiplane that will fly in extremely light lift. Bear in mind that they are a bit delicate, so you have to be careful to avoid really dorking it in. It flies very nicely, and is very relaxing. Since it's a polyhedral wing with elevator-rudder only, it's not going to perform amazing aerobatics, but it just might be the trick for those days when all of your sport planes are grounded.

Happy flying ;-)

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