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Originally Posted by Swammy1979 View Post
Took her up for about 6 flights today.....WOW!!!

This plane has enough thrust to take off from the ground (in a grassy field), it has the power to do a very nice climb, I am just impressed! I had a couple of scary moments which were largely due to my inexperience, but I had enough power in the motor to get me out of trouble. I honestly wish I had bought this plane first, as opposed to that Superfly X RTF (worst $150 I've ever spent).

My only concern with this is range. While I still get quite a good distance with this plane, I noticed that I was having delayed responses when I got really high up (I don't have a good enough eye to tell you what distance). The transmitter is a tiny little thing, only requiring 4x AA batteries, and it fits very comfortably in my hands.

For the $83 (after taxes, and locally picked up), it was well worth my money. I would definitely recommend this plane for any beginner (with a buddy to teach you).

Glad to hear that you love it, as I do!
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