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You most likely won't be happy with a plane/helicopter esc for a car unless you just want to go forward and don't need reverse or brakes. Plane esc's have limited brake function to stop the prop from freewheeling because it causes drag. When the stick goes all the way down it will turn on a preset brake of low medium or high (dependent on manufacturer and model), not proportional like you want on a car. The reverse is a programable function, it's either on or off. You would need a programming card or a complex process of plug battery in, listen for tones, stick up/down through tone menu and then stick up/down to changes settings. Usually it's quicker to swap two wires on a brushless system, swapping 2 of the 3 motor leads reverses the direction.

The motor link no longer works, but it sounds like the motor rpm was a mechanical failure rpm, the point at which the magnets fly off the rotor. Usually you don't have to worry about hitting that unless you are running high voltage or a it's a very high kv motor. So most esc's should handle the actual rpm that you will be running at.
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