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old thread i know but i find myself wondering also what has happened to true model building.
im only 32 but have enjoyed all varieties of model building starting off with static plastic kits then progressing to rc cars,then planes and eventually to helicopters.
it is saddening that the young generation today have the idea that building a model is taking the prefab parts out of a box slapping some glue on here and there and add a few servos and its ready.

one of the things i love is the whole idea of scratch building a model,but the new breed of modelers nowadays have the assumption that creating something elaborate and unique is a myth because"if it was possible to build that then someone would have done it and be selling it".they dont understand that its possible no matter what as long as you can spend some or a whole lot of time just thinking about it and how it can work or be created and made to work.

i never had any father to son pass down of knowledge of how to do this or that because unfortunately most of my childhood was spent growing up with divorced parents, i got hooked with a few kits here and their and pushed and fed my interest and love of small scale models to the point that i can sit and indefinately ponder and use my imagination to think about all the parts that can be made to work as they need to and gradually build up a stack of paper with random sketches on of how it will be done.

the sad part is its not just cheaply produced and moderately priced ARF kits that have killed the true art of scratch building or even building a pre manufactured kit of cut components and following a plan, its our lifestyles we all live today.

day to day life has progressed to the point that for most people now there is no 9-5 monday to friday and so no true weekend time for dad to show son or daughter how to create a masterpiece like the one he flys every sunday at the field with the guys that creates that wow moment for the kids to want to be able to build something as great, instead we have such limited time to give our family that its quicker to buy one almost finished put a couple of hours labor in and be ready to fly the same day .

dont get me as hating the arf's i love them and have had a few but theres nothing better than something thats one of a kind and the only one like it and knowing that its a result of your work and effort and the big grin from ear to ear when you take it out to fly for all to see.

as i said earlier im only 32 (although sometimes i do feel i should be about forty something) and my son is two and a half and already i have the seed planted and an interest in rc and helicopters has sprouted along with programming micro controllers for rc related gizmos and such.

now as soon as he see's me get the tx out to tinker and test my circuits he comes running up with wide eyes and a big grin asking me to let him move the sticks and make the servo move or push buttons on the breadboard and see the program running of the circuits, and if i really want to make him laugh out loud in pure excitement and happiness i let him sit with me and watch some heli 3d videos on youtube.

the point is that true model building IS a dying art that we dont see anymore but it is easy for any of us to turn it around with our young ones and get them into it and try and bring it back.
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