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My Shinden stalled briefly, falling flatly with a little wobble, easy recovered with power up.
I feel that your Shinden's wings were both into near stall or what I call a mush condition. This may have been due to an under sized canard for a model and a CG point back into the main wing. That was the case with my Hobby Lobby International foam Shinden. At low speed the model would assume a nose up mushing position and slowly land itself. I found that a model plane needs a larger than scale horizontal stabilizer to give adequate lift at low speeds because the Reynolds number gets too low with a small chord. My Shinden was slow and light weight and the small canard was sluggish so an extra cell and more area was added to the canard which moved the CG forward. The discussion of my Shinden can be found in this thread and I hope it agrees with my recollection. It was passed on to Happymcc who may still be flying it.

The Duck Twin received red tip fins today to improve it's visibility.

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