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Originally Posted by Colonel Blink View Post
....Your comment about correcting the wing drop at stall with the ailerons is interesting. At the stall, the wing drops because one wing stalls before the other (often due to not flying perfectly balanced or directly into wind). Trying to pick it back up with ailerons means that the aileron on the 'dropping' side goes down, increasing the effective angle of attack. This will put that wing deeper into the stall, and in full size flight is a well known killer when it happens low down. Pilot training drills into you that when a wing drops in a stall, you pick it up again with rudder, not aileron. Basically you accelerate the stalled wing by yawing away from the dropping wing....

very true, but probably due to the fact that Jürgen points out (our models picking up speed fast), it just seems so much easier to control the plane. I fly my ES2 FPV, and as you don't get a good feeling of the airspeed through a set of FatSharks, you will just feel/see controls getting sloppy, and typically a wing (and nose) drop shortly afterwards. The plane is easily "caught" after that with the right (aileron+20%rudder/elevator) stick. You'll see, when get the ailerons going.

Just to go off topic on the stall/spin discussion for a sec; The most challenging 1:1 plane, I have flown is the Zlin Z242, which I did an aerobatic course on a few years ago.

Prior to a spin exercise, the instructor introduced me to the general spin habits of that particular plane by stating: "The Zlin has 3 surprises for you:
1) When she starts spinning, she'll go instantly inverted.
2) When you try exiting the (inverted) spin (by applying opposite rudder), nothing will happen... For 360 degrees, THEN the spin will stop.
3) The last surprise is that, when the spin stops, the plane will immediately start spinning in the opposite direction if you haven't removed opposite rudder at the exact right moment...

Great plane to fly, but quite a handfull for me
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